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Toilet Brush Use Precautions

Dec. 10, 2018

Note on the use of toilet brush such as China Toilet Brush:

China Toilet Brush

(1) Every time you use the toilet brush, rinse it with clean water in time, do not let the toilet brush the residual dirt; after flushing the toilet dirt, then put the toilet brush into the toilet, let the water wash the toilet brush ;

(2) After rinsing the toilet brush, spray a certain amount of 84 disinfectant to sterilize and disinfect; prevent stubborn bacteria from breeding on the toilet brush;

(3) Transfer the damp toilet brush to the sun to dry and then transfer to a dry and ventilated place to keep the toilet brush dry; because of the dark and wet corners, this environment is the most prone to bacteria;

(4) Regular replacement: When the toilet brush is used for a long time, it will fall off the brush, affecting the effect of cleaning the toilet, and it will also contaminate the dirt, so it is necessary to replace a new toilet brush every 3-5 months.

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