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Company Weekend Building Activities!

Nov. 19, 2018

This is our weekend company group building activity. We are a brush supplier, providing Mixed Bristle Paint Brush and Ball Bearing Roller Frame. Today, let's talk to you about how to properly clean the paint brush after using it.

Mixed Bristle Paint BrushBall Bearing Roller Frame

After the paint brush is used up, it must be cleaned. Otherwise, it will not only affect the next use, but also endanger its own health.
The steps to clean the paint brush are here to share with you:
The first point: first clean the paint on the paint brush, try to clean it, and do not get it attached to the brush.
The second point: find a basin, put warm water, add some detergent, dipped the paint brush in the basin for about 20 minutes.
The third point: find a small comb and comb the paint remaining on the cleaned brush.
Third point: Prepare a bowl of clean warm water for another ten minutes.
The fourth point: comb with a small comb, then blow dry with a hair dryer.

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