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How to Choose a Paint Brush that Does not Lint?

Dec. 03, 2018

To purchase a paint brush which from the Paint Brush Supplier, you must first purchase a brand-quality brush. Pay attention to the following when purchasing:

1. There is a bifurcation at the end of the bristle, which can absorb a large amount of paint and release the paint more evenly (making the paint film smooth and even);

2. The thick and thin tapered bristles can make the paint brush release the paint more slowly and evenly, and its overall taper makes it particularly convenient when applying straight and tangent places;

3. Brushes made of elastic bristles maintain their overall shape;

4, the bristle in the middle of the long short brush on both sides of the brush edge and corner position is easier to use;

5. The length of the bristles should be 50% longer than the width of the brush. The mane tends to suck and release the paint better, and it is easier to apply the corners or trims;

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