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Is it Good to Use A Brush Or A Roller for Painting?

Dec. 06, 2018

The answer is to use it that the Paint Roller Supplier provide, but it is used in different places. The upper and lower corners of the house should be treated with a light brush. It is better to use a brush. The roller is better for large-surface painting because of its unique appearance characteristics. This is not only labor-saving, but also the paint area is uniform. It is worth noting that during the painting process, the brush should be applied from top to bottom and from top to bottom in one direction, and it should not be reversed.

Paint Roller Supplier

1. Due to the action of gravity, the liquid paint will flow down the wall;

2, can not be without rules, especially with varnish, one will be bottom-up from top to bottom, will cause intermittent loss of light, one by one, of course, uneven.

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