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How to Clean After Using the Roller Brush?

Nov. 22, 2018

The used roller brush such as Plastic Handle Paint Roller does not have to be washed, just soak it in paint or clean water and continue to use it the next day. When a project is completed, it can be washed with gasoline or thinner. Generally, it can be cleaned in the paint tray. After the cleaning is completed, the sleeve is dried and the fluff of the tube is loosened to avoid entanglement of the piles during storage. When storing, wrap the sleeve with kraft paper. The kraft paper is slightly wider than the sleeve and the excess is stuffed into the sleeve. It can also be wrapped in a plastic sheet, but it is perforated to allow air to circulate to prevent mold. The sleeve should be stored upright, otherwise the fluff will be pressed, the foam roller brush can not be cleaned with gasoline, and it should be wrapped with paper after cleaning.

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Plastic Handle Paint Roller

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