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Do You really Know Scraper?

Dec. 03, 2018

Painter scraper, such as Yellow Handle Scraper tips:

First check the wall with a ruler of 2 meters, and fill all the wall with large error with gypsum. If the crack of the old wall is too big, the cloth must be affixed to the wall. The wire groove must be affixed with a seam tape or a perforated tape. Brush the interface agent, after drying, put the putty on the wall for 2-3 times, use the 2 m ruler to scrape the putty when scraping the putty. If the local part is very uneven, the top surface deviation is more than 30mm, when the batch putty is thick, The base layer must be smoothed with white cement. At the joints of all gypsum board ceilings, use the plane to push the gypsum board into a v-shape so that the painter can make up the plaster. All the gypsum board cutting edges are straight and smooth, and the self-tapping screws of the fixed gypsum board must be rust-proofed, putty After the batch is scraped, first sanding, then repairing, all the male corners must be clamped square, and the female corners must be played twice, so the yin and yang angles look like a straight line.

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Yellow Handle Scraper

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