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Take a wool-blend roller cover for a spin

Aug. 20, 2018

The most significant part your paint rolling installation is your flocked foam roller cover, also referred to as a sleeve. It is tempting to get the cheapest cover available and toss it away when you are done. However, you won't obey the few added moments of cleanup time as soon as you have the difference a fantastic roller coaster makes. Affordable roller covers do not hold enough paint to do a fantastic job. They are inclined to lose fibers when they are first used. To minimize peeling, wrap the brand new roller cover with masking tape and then peel it off to remove loose fibers. Repeat this a couple times. Wool covers also often become matted down in the event that you apply a lot of pressure while painting. Rolling needs a light touch. Regardless of what roller cover you are using, always allow the paint do the job. Maintain the plastic handle paint roller packed with paint and apply just enough pressure to discharge and then spread the paint. Pushing on the roller to squeeze the last drop of paint is only going to cause problems.

plastic handle paint roller

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