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How To Use The Natural Bristle Paint Brush

Aug. 11, 2018

Natural Bristle Paint Brush, which is used by many people, this is a tool. To make the paint on the wall is the paint brush. How to use the paint brush?

How to use the paint brush:

1. Soak the new brush

Before using a new brush, soak the brush in clean water so that the brush's hair absorbs moisture. The recommended soaking time is 10-15 minutes. If you want the brush to work better, you can also pour some detergent into the water.

2, the length of the paint is 1/3 of the brush

When you paint the brush, pay attention to the length of the brush. Generally, the paint is applied to 1/3 of the brush. After applying the paint, gently brush the sharp corners of the brush to ensure that the paint does not fall.

3, keep the brush at 45°with the construction object

If the wall is painted or furniture, the brush and the construction object should be formed at a 45-degree angle when painting, and the angle of the brush and ceiling should be 90°if the ceiling is brushed. In addition, if it is brushed wood, it should be painted along the texture of the wood.

4, paint the paint, pay attention to brush back

The general paint should be brushed back during the painting process to make the paint film look better; if it is semi-gloss or varnish, it should not be brushed back.

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Natural Bristle Paint Brush

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