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How to choose a paint brush?

Jun. 23, 2018

There are a huge variety of paint brushes out there, this can make it confusing to know what brush you should buy and why.

Firstly, should you buy synthetic or natural bristle paint brushes?

Quality levels can vary hugely in both types of brushes and therefore levels of finish can differ depending on what type of brushes you purchase.

Synthetic brushes do not absorb much water; this makes them ideal for use with water-based paints such as emulsion or modern water-based undercoats or gloss paint. Synthetic brushes can be made to have fine tips which helps to give a smooth finish.

Natural bristle brushes perform well with oil-based products. The bristles split naturally which make them extremely absorbent resulting in faster painting.

Many paint brushes will have a mix so that you get good coverage with all types of paint. As a general rule, use natural bristle for oil-based paints and synthetic brushes for water-based paints.

As a professional paint brush manufacturer, we've established which brush type is best for what paint, how do you distinguish between what brush?

In most cases, cheaply made brushes are designed to be thrown away after one use giving a 'buy cheap, buy twice' mentality. These brushes often provide offer poor paint pick up meaning you dip more often in the paint. They generally spread the paint unevenly giving you a poor paint finish. These brushes may take you longer to decorate and be more tiresome and uncomfortable to use.

Investing in a quality brush will help make sure you get a quality product. There's a lot of science behind a quality paint brush. The mix of synthetic and natural bristle in a brush is tested in quality laboratories to give the best finish possible and ease of use.

Once you've made the decision to opt for a quality brush there's still a lot of choice. Choose a brush on what is most important to you or the project you're doing. For example; No Loss brushes guarantee no bristle loss so you won't have any stray bristles on your wall.

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