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How does paint brush cover work?

Aug. 06, 2018

The flocked foam roller cover is made from a clear, tough, durable vinyl, to make sure that the bristles are protected regardless of how badly your brush becomes tossed around. We used a crystal clear plastic to permit users to determine not just what size brush you're keeping, but also in the event that you have saved a moist brush, filled with paint, or a sterile brush. The exceptional design of this cover allows for simple storage. We highly recommend"spinning" your brush tender (either by mechanical or hand spinner) to guarantee optimal form. Additionally, this prevents your own brush from becoming moldy. Watch our Brush Care page for hints on cleaning and keeping your own brush. Among the greatest characteristics of this synthetic fiber paint brush shield cover is that it's ability to make an Airtight seal through use. If a fracture is necessary, such as lunch, then simply set the wholesale paint brush at the cover and shut the lid before the locking mechanism is procured. When you come back from the break, just open the cover, take your brush out and keep on as you never ceased. It is as simple as that. 

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