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Correct Using Method Of The Paint Roller Brush

Jan. 23, 2019

Regardless of industrial decoration or home decoration, the painting of the wall is operated by paint roller, so how can the paint roller brush be used for the best effect? How to use and maintain it properly? Next, the Paint Roller Manufacturer will introduce some konwledge to you.

The roller brush is one of the main construction tools in the wall coating construction project. When using the Plastic Handle Roller Brush, you must pay attention to the method of use. There are various types of rollers, which are used in different paint applications, such as flat coating rollers, brush rollers, rubber rollers, and the like.

In order to achieve the desired construction effect, the construction personnel must master the use of the roller brush to fully exert the coating effect of the roller brush, and also understand the maintenance method of the roller brush to extend the service life of the roller brush.

The correct usage and operation steps are as follows:

First, before painting, the new roller needs to use the thinner material that is suitable for the coating, so that the roller is first wetted.

Then, roll off the excess paint on the waste newspaper or on the clean wall. This facilitates the initial adsorption of the coating and facilitates the cleaning of the drum.

When the roller draws the paint, only half of the sleeve can be immersed, and then roll back and forth on the inclined plate in the tray or the wire mesh in the bucket to completely infiltrate the coating into the sleeve. If the adsorption coating is insufficient, you can lick it again.

Cleaning of the drum: The drum should be cleaned immediately after use, which not only facilitates cleaning, but also makes the sleeve difficult to deform and prolongs the service life of the drum.


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